Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mostly Just Pictures

I am so far behind in updating this blog that I decided to just post a few pictures from the past few weeks so that you can see how Davy is growing and changing.

15 weeks.  Davy still prefers to sleep on the floor. 

3/13/11  17 weeks.  Practicing baiting and free stacking.

3/14/11 17 weeks.  Sitting in the yard watching the world go by.

3/15/11  17 1/2 weeks.  Trying to entice Kooper to play.

3/15/11  17 1/2 weeks.

3/17/11  Davy, almost 18 weeks.  And Kooper.
3/19/11  18 weeks.  On a hike on my sister Toni's birthday.  Tone wanted to do something healthy for her birthday so Toni and Davy and I went and walked around a local lake.  Davy really did well and loved getting out for a new adventure.
3/19/11  Davy 18 weeks.  Looking out over the lake during our hike.