Sunday, July 17, 2011

So Much For Keeping Up

Just an update with mostly pictures here.  We will go to our last night of obedience class this coming Wednesday, have 2 weeks off and then do another 8 week course.

Davy has started alert barking when someone drives in or comes to the door.  He has a very deep bark.  My daughter (16 yo)  always use to want the door locked if she was home alone.  The other day when I was leaving I asked her if she wanted me to lock the door on the way out.  She looked pointedly at Davy and said, "not necessary anymore with alarm dog here."

Davy would really love to herd our chickens.  The chickens mostly free range and sometimes wander up by the yard fence.  You can most definitely see the difference in style between Davy and our Boston Terrier.  The Boston hits the fence full force...plainly thinking chicken dinner!  Davy approaches slowly, head somewhat lowered.  He goes to the end of the fence and tries to get them to move to the backyard.  Most of them go and then he goes back to the stragglers.  Too cool to watch.

Davy is very difficult for me to photograph by myself.  Every time he hears/sees the camera, he comes running.  I can't get him away from me far enough to take good pictures!

5/16/11  6 months old

6/13/11    7 months old

6/15/11  7 months old

7/15/11  8 months old.