Monday, April 25, 2011

We Have Just Been Hanging Out least that is my excuse for not blogging....and I have the pictures to prove it.




Finally up and ready for action.  4/21/11.

Davy and I hung out at the local AKC all breed show and obedience trial this weekend.  My friend came in from Chicago to show her Aussie and we went to watch.  Davy did very well.  He was quite curious outside.  He was choosy about who he went up to and who he stood behind me and studied.  Some people he went right up to.  Some people he hesitated and then would approach.  I wasn't sure about taking him inside....noisy and a lot of people.  Davy was interested and curious as soon as we went in the door.  He couldn't get enough of standing and staring and just taking it all in.  All in all, I was quite pleased with how this outing went.

We start obedience classes on May 4th and conformation classes later in May.