Sunday, February 20, 2011

12 to 14 Weeks

I really am not very good at keeping up with this blog.  Started out I was going to update daily, then it went to weekly, now 2 weeks.  What can I say....I am busy!

Davy is growing like a weed.  He was 25# at his puppy shot update vet visit almost 2 weeks ago.  He did really well at the vet.  Walked right in and said hi to all the staff.  There were 2 other dogs in the waiting room and a cat in a carrier.  Davy did not approach any of them, just stood or sat and pondered the whole thing.  He did not seem scared or upset, just quietly thinking about it all.  The exam and shot went well, I don't think Davy even really felt the shot.  Then it was back up front to tell the staff goodbye and get a treat.  Great first vet visit here.

I have been working on the grooming.  Have found at least for now that sitting on the floor is the best way.  I don't have anyplace to leave the grooming table set up and it is heavy to move and set up.  We have practiced on it a couple of times, but I find I groom Davy more often if I just sit on the floor (plus I am used to doing the Papillons that way).  At first Davy did not tolerate it well and kept leaving.  I put a lead on him and it totally turned it around.  He didn't pull at the lead like he was trying to get away, it was as if just having it on meant he was supposed to stay put.  Scarey how he catches on to things so quickly.  Mostly now I don't use the lead when grooming as he is content to lie on the floor and let me brush away. 

We are working on baiting and walking on lead.  He is distractable, but learning.  I am really just nuts for this dog.  He was oh so well worth the wait!

                                                  2/12/11   13 Weeks old.  Pretty puppy.


                                           2/13/11   13 weeks old and King of the Hill!

                                         2/13/11 Sometimes I pretend I like the beds, but I am getting a little big for them.                      
                                         2/20/11 14 weeks old.
                                          I still prefer the cold, hard floor.

                                           2/20/11  Working on self stacking and baiting.

                                          2/2011  Working on stacking and baiting.


  1. I have need grooming (and stacking) Via with her standing on the tail gate of my element in the garage. Not idea as it is cold here, but it is what I have to work with.

  2. Oh, if I get on the floor with her, she thinks she should chew me.