Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Name Game

Trying to find the perfect name for the new puppy has been challenging.  I have chosen and discarded so many names over the last few years waiting for this puppy.  Now that the time had come, I had drawn a total blank.  The only requirement was using Mary Alice's kennel name.  No problem.  It was the rest of the name that just would not surface. 

Then, I get an email stating that someone had suggested a theme litter.  Okay.  The theme?  Romance/romantic in the name.  First thought that popped into my head?  Romance Novel.  And the call name that popped into my head with it....Fabio.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  NO, NOPE, NEVER!  Still shaking my head vigorously to etch-a-sketch that thought right out of my head!  Besides the horrid Fabio part, romance/romantic seemed a bit feminine a theme for a boy dog.

Then, another person getting a puppy from this litter suggested a dream theme.  Okay.  Maybe I can work with that.  It didn't take long for a name to pop up, and then again, and again.  I thought maybe I had chosen it when I was trying to decide eons ago whether to get another Sheltie pup.  I went back aways in an old notebook that I had written down names in when I first contacted Mary Alice about a puppy.  That is why the name sounded familiar.  It is the first one I had chosen for this puppy and had totally forgotten about it.  Wow.  Another good sign that waiting all these years for this particular puppy was absolutely the way I was supposed to go.

Haven't decided whether the call name will be Davy or DJ....but the registered name will be:

Theriot's Daydream Believer


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  1. Nice process! You came up with your name much easier than I did for Via. I like the dream theme.