Sunday, January 23, 2011

Catching Up

It has been a busy couple of weeks since Davy came home with me.  It has been so long since I had a puppy that I had forgotten that puppies require as much supervision as toddlers!

Since I have not been good about keeping up day to day, I thought I would post a few pictures from the past couple weeks.

This picture was taken 1/12/11, three days after Davy came home with me.  He probably wanted to go back to Mary Alice's at that point...mean dog mom that I beds, no blankets....just cold, hard floor.  When I sent this picture to Mary Alice, she assured me that the whole litter had inherited the refrigerator gene.

 "Hey Mom, what you got there?"   And that ear, I didn't think it would ever come up (yes, I worry about silly things).  Picture taken 1/15/11.  9 weeks old.

This picture was taken 1/15/11.  9 weeks old.  Non-show side, partly cause this was the least blurred picture, partly because the up ear is on this side.  (I'll get better, I promise)

Ears!  This picture was taken 1/19/11.

 Picture taken 1/22/11.  10 weeks old.  The Boston is Kooper, Davy's 1 year old playmate.  They get along great.

 1/22/11   10 weeks old.  Rowdy boys!  You can see the little Papillon face through the gate.  When Davy and Kooper play my two little Paps prefer the safety of the kitchen!
 1/22/11  10 weeks old.   Davy loves to play outside.  We have had such terribly cold tempetures that I have to make him come in after a few minutes.  He comes in with snow from nose to ears.  I am believing the refrigerator gene part!
1/22/11  10 weeks old.  Pretty, pretty puppy.

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